3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in San Francisco

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in San Francisco

Back to San Francisco! I keep heading over there because it really is one of the easiest cities to visit and find beautiful Victorian properties. There are hundreds for sale at any one time.

Fortunately most of the houses are restored to a really good standard and have those period features that we all love. The really great thing about living in San Francisco, London, Melbourne or any where else with lots of Victorian properties is that you get to see so many beautiful houses and buildings everyday as you go to work or go for a walk.

This house is another beauty. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has been recently renovated so is in great condition. It has high ceilings, original features and is 2,900 square feet so has plenty of space for a family.

It has a wonderful kitchen. There are more kitchen cabinets per square foot than I have ever seen! Storage will not be an issue in this kitchen! The rest of the house is just as nice and I could move in there and not change a thing.

It is on the market for $1,748,700. A very random price! Enjoy!

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