Apartment for sale in landmark Victorian building

Apartment for sale in landmark Victorian building

This is a beauty! Quite possibly the most incredible Victorian building you will ever see. It is certainly the most spectacular building I have showcased on this blog.

The apartment is in the famous st pancreas building and is one of the most famous Victorian pieces of architecture in London. For very good reason. The building is stunning. From every angle it is a work of art.

The apartment itself is on the top floor and has some really nice period features included. The beams in the kitchen are lovely. The main draw however is the exterior. To be able to walk up to this building everyday would be a real treat!

It is also very handy for rail links! It is part of the railway station so perfect for commuting. It isn’t cheap! I think you probably guessed that! It is on the market for £1,500,000. Enjoy

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