5 bedroom townhouse for sale in Leamington spa

5 bedroom townhouse for sale in Leamington spa

Victorian town house for sale in Leamington spa. It has 5 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and basement.

It is in excellent condition and is really striking with red tiles and the tudor woodwork. It is a good sized family house with 2,700 square feet of space on four floors.

The kitchen is modern and has everything you need. There is also seating but the best thing about this house is the period features.

All of the things you would hope to see in a Victorian property are there. The wrought iron railings, the front door, the windows, the high ceilings. the wood work, the interior doors, everything is original and as it should be.

The house is on the market for £820,000 in the beautiful and historic spa town. Enjoy!



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