10 Beautiful American Victorian houses

10 Beautiful American Victorian houses

So this week we are going stateside. North America is a real treasure trove of beautiful Victorian properties. Many would say that some of the most amazing Victorian architecture can be found in many of the 52 states. I’m not going to argue.

San Francisco has more Beautiful Victorian houses than most and between this, New York and Brooklyn you’ll find more than enough properties to drool over. So I’m going to pick a property from each of those areas and seven others. The styles, materials and sizes will be very different but the beauty, character and attention to detail will remain the same. If you are the proud owner of a Victorian property it may give you some ideas on colours and restoration. Some of them are very brightly coloured! Hope you like them!


A lovely brick built house in Union Oregon. Not the biggest house but lovely details. It has a turret, a porch, bay windows and a balcony. What more do you want?! Union is a small town with a few Victorian properties. Love the house but not the concrete fence! Some really nice mature trees complete the setting. Queen Anne style but on a small scale. This house would have been built in the late 19th century -1880-1890.


Which ever house I picked in San Francisco meant I was going to have leave out lots of stunning properties. You can’t really win! In reality if you are fan of Victorian architecture, then visit this area and you can’t really lose! There are thousands to choose from. The paint work on this house is exceptional, so much to look at. I really like the main colour, such a great base layer so that the other colours really stand out.

Really nice porch and paint work. I really like the way the windows are framed. Really beautiful colours and perfect symmetry, this is something that the Victorian house builders of the day used to change frequently. Some of the houses I have featured don’t have any symmetry. This is really elegant and subtle. I love the trees.


I love this house. The railing on the top are amazing. Totally unnecessary but totally amazing all the same. I really like the extended porch at the right hand side of the building as you view it. Not entirely sure what it is for. Shelter for a carriage? I haven’t seen this on many houses.

This is one of my favourites. It isn’t in tip top condition but then I like that. I would love to see this house brought back up to showroom condition. I love the windows and they are pretty much all different. Different sizes and different levels. The wood work on the first floor is really intricate. Would look really nice with some more colour, maybe two tone? The house below is two tone and it is magnificent.


Fully restored and resplendent! Just gorgeous. The turret, the chimneys, the colours are fantastic. This is California Victoriana at its best and it really is one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen. I imagine this house is quite expensive. It has so many colours but they all just fit together so well. The garden isn’t bad either! Love the parm trees. We have parm trees in England at the south coast and I just love them.


This isn’t the biggest house here but the detail is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how expensive this house would be to build now. The labour cost would be incredible. Wonderful colour. That front window is incredible, I’m not exactly sure how it is configured but I love it. The circular pains on the top and the rectangular pains down the sides, it’s beautiful.

Brooklyn’s finest in the flesh. These two house are amazing. Terraced houses are generally built in exactly the same way, with the same colours to look uniform. Not these two. I think if I had to pick I prefer the one on the right. The top window surround is really unusual, I’ve never seen anything like that.


Victorian house in Cape May, New Jersey. This photo and a small bit of research I have done has prompted a post about best Victorian streets. Cape May has several by the look of it! If this absolute beauty is anything to go by, then this area is a strong contender. This house is stunning. The detail on the the front balcony is wonderful. I would love to walk down this road as next door doesn’t look bad either!

Last but not least and I had to include this! There are no houses in England like this. One story with a turret! Fantastic. I wish they still built houses like this. It is so unusual. There is no real symmetry and yet it is so obviously a Victorian design.

That’s my ten. I haven’t been to many towns in America so apologies if there are houses that you live near that you’ve always admired. All ten are great examples. I will in the future do a post on great Victorian streets. That will be much more challenging! See you twice next week. I have a new feature I want to do. I want to showcase a Victorian house for sale each week and I will be Looking around the globe for inspiration. See you then!

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