10 Beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses

10 Beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses

Years ago there seemed to be so little in the way of choice for kitchen cabinets. Back in the seventies and eighties there was wood look or actual wood and then there was white. That was it! Some people would paint their old wood cabinets but this wasn’t really common place until the late eighties through to the early nineties. Fortunately kitchens now come in pretty much any colour and I’m going to show you 10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses.

You can pretty much get all the colours of the rainbow and some extra ones thrown in for good measure. You can even get two tone kitchens if you want to mix and match. These look great if you get the right colours. Freestanding units or fitted cabinets .

Quick quiz. When did the first fully fitted kitchen appear and where?

1926 and Frankfurt! Incredibly the designer was Austria’s first female architect, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. How is that for trailblazing! Even better than that is the fact that the worlds first fitted kitchen was also painted blue! In fact it was painted blue as it was believed back then that the blue colour would deter insects from crawling on the surfaces! Not sure if any actual science was used in the working of this theory but it is a fun fact non the less!

Today we just like the colour because it looks great and why not. For many blue is the colour. It really is a lovely colour for a kitchen in Victorian houses. Blue looks great in a traditional style cabinet and also in more contemporary designs. At this moment blue is very much in vogue but if you stick to some tried and tested design features, then your blue kitchen should look up to date and current in years to come.

Or you could just wait for it to become fashionable again. It was in 1926! Anyway, It is my current favourite colour for kitchens and that is a good enough reason for me to do this post.

So lets get to it! I’ve picked out ten of my favourite blue kitchens that I have found from various companies. I hope you like them.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – I would happily have this kitchen in my house. American diner but in blue! It is beautiful. I really like the door design, simple but elegant. Lovely colour.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – Lovely mid blue. Love the stools and the shelving. This is a proper working kitchen!


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – This is such a beautiful kitchen. I love the flooring and the exposed hinges on the cabinets.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – Blue and mint green! Beautiful exposed flooring.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – So much storage! This is the kitchen for lock down! The stainless sink is a nice touch.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – This kitchen has been designed around the bay. The sink with the offset tap is a really nice feature. The tap can’t get in the way and the whole sink is accessible. Great for bathing babies!


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses  –  Classic blue shaker. Beautiful granite top.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – If all blue is a little too much then accent it with a island in a lovely light blue.


10 beautiful blue kitchens for Victorian houses – A touch of blue. Same again but a much brighter blue. really lifts the whole room. I like the fact that they’ve changed the handles on the island.


Classic farm house style kitchen. Blue accent. The blue just really pops.


There we have it. Ten beautiful blue kitchens that would be very much at home in your Victorian palace. All the kitchens I’ve featured are from a company local to me, Sustainable kitchens in Bristol. Similar kitchens can be had in your neck of the woods! I am in the process of contacting other companies around the country and I will edit this blog as soon as I have permission to use any of their photos.

When starting this blog I had a look around at all the companies that were local to me but specifically searched for companies that had a good online reputation, a great product but most importantly great photos of their work. I want my blog to look great or at least the photos and the houses need to look great. I’m sure you’ll agree that all of these gorgeous kitchens are aspirational.

Next week I will be looking at American Victorian architecture and some of the best towns and cities to visit if you like Victoriana. See you then!


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