10 great rugs for your Victorian house

10 great rugs for your Victorian house

Everyone loves a good rug. They can really brighten any room. They are also warm and cosy, nice on bare feet and if you get one with lots of straight lines, they can be used as a race track for kids with toy cars. Or maybe that was just me! There is just something really homely about a nice rug. They are especially nice in period properties and contrast really well with nicely restored bare floor boards. They can add colour, warmth and texture to your living spaces.

The rug has also seen a bit of a renaissance in later years. They weren’t massively popular in the 80’s but then shag pile carpet was. A rug on shag pile carpet is slight overkill. Its like surfing with  two boards, one on top of the other! Maybe not but I was struggling to think of an analogy. Anyway since bare floor boards, wood flooring, laminate and tiles have been so popular these last few years, the rug is as popular as ever. They create a huge impact in a room for not a huge amount of money if you shop wisely. They can also add some colour to a dark floor or dark room.

The history of the rug

Rugs have been around for ever. As long as there have been humans there have been rugs. So thousands of years. They were typically made from animal fur and used to provide warmth and comfort. So nothing has really changed. They also would have been among the most prised items in the home and in some cases the most precious. They were status symbols in many periods of history. In Victorian times this would have been the case. They were expensive and coveted.

Rugs always remind me of two of my favourite films and they have pretty major parts! The godfather part two and the big Lebowski. The rug is pivotol in both films and in fact the big Lebowski is basically a film about a stolen rug. I’m not sure what any of this has to do with anything other than just to say that rugs are important!

It is generally known that Mongolians were the first to weave rugs in the way we know today but as most people are aware this craft was perfected in Persia. Good quality or best quality rugs are synonymous with this geographical area. Hand made rugs are now produced in many regions throughout the world. There are lots of different sizes, colours and materials.

They can be very expensive. Traditional rugs are hand made and this takes time. There is a lot of work goes into even a very small rug. They cost thousands but then unlike carpet they are mobile. If you move, they can move. They should also last years and will have a resale value if they are in good condition. Qom silk rugs can cost six figures though! I’ve never seen one, so can’t give any opinion on the look or feel. I’m sure they are lovely. More art than rug and art can be very expensive.

It’s definitely not for me though. I have a cat and he isn’t that fussy about where he sharpens his claws. Stair carpet, bed base, back of the sofa, £150,000 silk rug. It would all be the same to him! I supposed you could hang it on the wall but then it isn’t really the same. In any case the cat could still take a flying leap and claw the entire length of the rug! The rugs I have on show today are for the floor.

Unfortunately, I like most people don’t have thousands to spend on a rug, so I have compiled a more affordable list! This includes rugs from high street stores, online retailers and the usual suspects. You don’t have to walk along the crowded, colourful passages of Jemaa El Fna, to get a great rug although to be fair you would probably get a great one there also!


  1. Brecan rug from habitat -£250

It’s hand woven and is a flat weave. The texture and the colour appeal to me. Its nice and bright for a grey rug and would go well in most rooms.


2. Louis De Poortere Yuzu Rug – John Lewis – 

This is a beautiful rug. I love the distressed look. It is latex back so not good with underfloor heating. Looks fantastic with the blue and would look great with any dark colours.


3. Stockholm 2017 rug from ikea- £200

We’ve owned this rug twice and its still going strong! It’s really nice fits in with lots of different colour schemes and feels good under bare foot. The acid test of any good rug!


4. Trend makers think rugs from amazon – £28

We have this in my sons room. You could practically sleep on it it is that comfy! It is really thick, comes up really well with the hoover and is an absolute bargain! Great for lying on while building Lego.


5. Violetta mustard coloured hand woven rug from wayfair – £175


6. Rockett st george natural juted print – £110

Lovely colour. I really like anything that looks distressed but its new. Character without it falling apart!


7. Camden diamond wool rug – made -£249

I really like the colour of this rug and it would work well with most other colours. I’ll try and pick some rugs that are not yellow or grey!


8. Sheep skin rug – John lewis – £45

We have two of these both in white which was a mistake as we have a black cat! He loves them both!

9. Behr Handwoven Flatweave Wool Dark Natural Rug – £102.99

Its a hand woven rug that isn’t either grey or yellow! Classic design, fits in well with most colours and textures.

10. Koldby cow hide rug from Ikea – £175

Couldn’t have a rug run down with out a classic cow hide. I love the brown and white. Really soft and Not real cow!

So that’s my ten rugs. I mostly like the more contemporary looking rugs. They would all look lovely in Victorian properties. Especially with bar floor boards. Next week I’ll be looking at 10 Kitchens. See you then!

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